Why Do You Care?

“What are you so proud of?

It’s not even your own light?”

Try saying that to the moon

And tell me does it whine?

Does it begin to shatter apart?

Does your words work fine?

Does it start to fade away?

Does it fall off the sky?

“No, this is not Beautiful.

Don’t you know you’re about to die?”

Say this to the comets.

And Tell me do they cry?

Tell me do they get worried

Do they lose all their might?

Do you hear them say

“Oh My God! You’re right!”

Say to the Sun you don’t like it.

Tell the Meteors you hate them too.

But if they are not bothered about it.

Then Why are you?

Why do you care what they’d think

Or what people would say?

Don’t you know no one’s big enough

to question the galaxies.

No, not in any way!

Nobody’s opinion matter to them

They are far above this planet blue.

And there are 2 galaxies I’m talking about here

The one in which we live

And the one that resides in YOU!



11 thoughts on “Why Do You Care?

      1. Infact I’m always waiting for your upcoming work and latest writings.. Thank you for your kind words, I’m humbled. And write more often, your poems are heart-warming! ♥️


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