Follow The Map

So now that you’ve started walking this path

Let me give you a little snip of it.

A few do’s and don’ts

And instructions little bit.

But before I go any further,

I have one question to ask.

Did they give you a map before you left?

If yes, then do me one favour dear

Please tear it apart.

Shred it down to pieces,

Don’t have a look at it.

Yes It has the dangers marked in red

It has its benefits, I admit

It has the destination where you need to be

And the places safe to stay

But why don’t you be thy guide

And find your own way?

Cross the streams, they frowned upon.

Stay there for a while.

What if the flow is not strong enough?

What if their worries are all futile?

What if all their doubts are a travesty?

What if the Forests aren’t as dark and gloomy as they seem?

What if all the Gold is hidden where

Even the Sun can not see?

What if the road not taken

Is the most beautiful one?

What if there are lands

That would leave you stunned?

And Even if I am wrong

And all what they say is true

Wouldn’t you like to have a story to tell?

And tales to tattle about you?

Wouldn’t you like to be the Traveller?

Or a remorseful life would do?

Cause If that is case darling

Then go on and follow the map

Just like the passers-by do!


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


8 thoughts on “Follow The Map

  1. if you’d ask me for a honest review. it’s a lil boring towards the beginning and the readers might just stop reading. but as you’d keep reading, it keeps getting better! i loved a lot of lines, in this!

    Liked by 1 person

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