Can you?

My fear and these Shadows,

They follow me every way, every step

And you say I can rely on you.

But can you really help?

‘Cause No, I don’t want you to

Hold that sword for me

Or be my saviour tonight.

But tell me, would you be my armour?

As I lead my valiant fight?

No, you don’t have to pick me up when I fall.

Let me stumble a bit as I run.

But Can you be my leading spirit?

The East to my Sun?

Can I put my trust in you?

With a hope that it won’t die?

Should I believe that you’ll always be here,

The North star to my sky?

Will you be the strength I long for?

If I accept that I am weak.

Will you hear out my sins and my sorrows?

As I sit here next to you and speak?


Picture Courtesy : Pinterest.


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